b 1993.
Singaporean Artist


Older Work

Gallery Art Work:

  • Waiting For The Other Shoe (Solo Exhibition)
    Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks Singapore, 2021

  • SIM (Portrait Series)
    STPI Annual Friends Fundraiser: Biome | Online Auction, STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute), 2020 

    A Decade Together / Apart, Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Gillman Barracks, 2020

    The Summer Show, Cuturi Gallery, 2020

  • Time Is A Weight I Carry
    Material Agendas, IMPART Collector’s Show 2020, School Of The Arts

  • With Nothing A & B
    A.Void, 2019, Your Mother Gallery (Nanjing), Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

  • Portrait Series, Grief & Control
    Asia Now Paris, 2019, Art Fair, Art Seasons Gallery

  • Time Is A Weight I Carry,
    B-SIDE, 2019, Curated Group Exhibition Coda Culture

  • Xiao Ming, Xiao Hua, Xiao Lan
    Art Staged, 2019, Group Exhibition, Standford Art Centre

  • Xiao Ming
    Coda Annual Show, 2018, Group Exhibition, Coda Culture

  • When Something is Nothing 2018,
    Solo Exhibition, Coda Culture

  • 1/1 (one)
    Odelia Tang x The World's Loneliest Bookstore by Booksactually, 2018, Solo Exhibition, Gillman Barracks

  • To Give Birth To A Dancing Star
    The Lasalle Show, 2018, Lasalle ICA

  • To Give Birth To A Dancing Star Series
    Lasalle Winstedt Showcase, 2018, Lasalle Winstedt Campus

  • Bright Future
    Lasalle WIP show, 2017, Praxis Space 

  •  The Paroxysms of a Girl (series)
    LINES, 2017, The Private Museum

  • The Remains
    Contemporary Printmaking festival 2017 Capitol Piazza

  • Alter 1 & 2
    As Above So Below, Group Exhibition 2017, Kult Gallery

  • xxx / (non-compulsive)
    Future Imperfect Young Printmaker’s League 2016 Mulan Gallery

  • Entity
    The Art of Reading 2016 Mulan Gallery

  • Persona Transmission
    PHUNK apprenticeship 2015 Art Seasons

  • Paradigm
    NOISE TAP 2015

  • Olfacere Transmission
    PHUNK apprenticeship 2014

Commercial & Comission Work:

  • Vending Machine Artwork
    Commission by BooksActually

  • The Remains Artbook
    Comissioned by Monster Gallery for Contemporary Printmaking festival 2017

Publication and Online features:

  • Real Fear
    KULT Hallozeen  2014

  • Olfacere
    CATALOG Magazine Issue 126 2014

  • Amor Fati
    The Strait’s Times: Lifestyle 2015  5 minutes at the museum

  • Spotted!
    Culturepush Artist feature 

  • Choleric (persona series)
    The Strait’s Times: Lifestyle 2016  5 minutes at the museum 

  • Entity
    The Strait’s Times: Lifestyle 2016  5 minutes at the museum

  • xxx/ ( non ) compulsive
    The Strait’s Times: Lifestyle 2016  5 minutes at the museum

Online Mentions: